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About us

Who Am I and What is the "Future of Australia"?

Hi, my name is Derek.

FUTURE OF AUSTRALIA”​ is a project I am running to interview the Founders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs behind the fastest growing new businesses in Australia. 


As measured by top line revenue and published annualy in the FINANCIAL REVIEW.

These interviews will be turned into podcast episodes, as well as articles, and eventually a book.


After spending nearly half a decade across Asia, working for fast growing Aussie-led companies, helping Aussie small businesses and entrepreneur clients go global, think bigger and achieve more, I have returned home to Melbourne.

I believe that entrepreneurship, business, new enterprise, capitalism, big ideas and innovation will be the building blocks and motor driving Australia forward.

BUT….behind all these ideas, companies, products, services are people.

FUTURE OF AUSTRALIA”​ is about interviewing, celebrating and sharing the knowledge, aspirations, struggles, goals and achievements of these people with a broader audience.

If you are interested in contributing, learning more of keeping in the loop with our updates and email newsletter, email me at, give me a call or text on 0404 689 897 or find me here on LinkedIn

Feedback on the podcasts is always appreciated.

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